Tham Khảo Ngay Top 15 Cửa Hàng Bàn Ghế Mây Tre TPHCM

If you own a beautiful space or a spacious garden, why not buy a rustic bamboo and rattan furniture set to bring traditional and modern beauty into your interior space. So today brought you the top 15 stores Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs the best reputation. Hope this information will be useful to you!

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1. Rattan Furniture – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Store HCMC

The first unit that we want to mention is Rattan Furniture. This unit is formed from enthusiastic people, passion for nature, furniture and home decoration, especially natural rattan furniture products. The products are a harmonious combination of the best bamboo and rattan materials with the talented hands of Vietnamese artisans. Therefore, the product of Rattan Furniture always uphold the uniqueness, difference in design and quality. Contact us for advice and choose the best products for you!

Products at Rattan Furniture:

  • Square rattan chair with lattice
  • Rattan chair with iron legs
  • Single rattan chair and tray table
  • CHARLOTTENBORG rattan chair
  • PAPASAN Chair 1M6
  • PAPASAN chair – Bamboo and rattan HCMC
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Rattan Furniture

Contact Info:

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2. Luc Binh – Ho Chi Minh City Bamboo and Rattan Furniture

If you are confused about the basis Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs Which is the most suitable? Luc Binh will be the perfect choice for you. Luc Binh owns a team of skilled and responsible staff. Luc Binh Committed to bringing you satisfaction in terms of price as well as quality of work. Luc Binh will advise you on the best methods, the best price. Just contact the company, it will only take 20 minutes to get to any address to survey, consult and quote.

Services at Luc Binh:

  • Water hyacinth sofa living room
  • Dining room hyacinth table and chairs
  • Water hyacinth coffee table and chairs
  • Plate – Pressed bamboo tray
  • Tablecloths, bamboo curtains
  • Bamboo lamp
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Luc Binh

Contact Info:

3. Tam Long – Ho Chi Minh City Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Reputation

Tam Long specializes in manufacturing and exporting many furniture items such as living room sofas, dining sets, bags, trays… made from water hyacinth, rattan, sedge, plastic rattan… Besides these items, Tam Long also take production of designed items from customers. Committed to always giving you the best experience. If you need a team of professional carpenters to consult. Test, survey and make to your request.

Reasons to choose Tam Long

  • Focus on good quality products, diversity in design
  • There are more than 100 employees and the staff has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting rattan furniture
  • The price is more reasonable than the market
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Tam Long

Contact Info:

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4. ATC – Facility Rattan Tables And Chairs In HCMC Good

If you are looking for a supplier Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs should not be missed ATC. There are many product models that are innovated from traditional products such as innovative sofas, sofas for the pool area. In addition, with the flexible rattan plastic material in product shaping, ATC also produces utensils such as potted plants, swings, trash cans, etc. The staff of ATC quickly present at your home after receiving the information. Ensure customer satisfaction after using the service.

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Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs

Contact Info:

5. Bamboo Village – Rattan Furniture Unit In Ho Chi Minh City Safe

One of the units bamboo and rattan tables and chairs in HCMC rated well in terms of quality is Bamboo Village. The store’s standout products include a bent basket chair, a duck-shaped chair with legs, a round scalloped armchair, and a monaco chair, all of which are skillfully woven with tough, durable rattan ropes. Come here to choose your favorite table and chair set!

Advantages Of Bamboo Village:

  • Professional, enthusiastic, attentive customer service.
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Very enthusiastic advice about each model, price and incentives that the store offers on every promotion
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Bamboo Village

Contact Info:

6. Duc Thanh – Prestigious Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Unit in Ho Chi Minh City

To be able to serve customers in the best way. Duc Thanh All technicians must undergo professional technical training classes. Bamboo and knitting products of Duc Thanh always attracts the people of Saigon by the ingenuity and sophistication of artisans in every detail. Therefore Duc Thanh is always evaluated as a facility that is both cheap but still ensures safety and quality. Please contact Duc Thanh so you can choose what you like best.

Duc Thanh’s Highlights:

  • Professional and enthusiastic customer service
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Give your home a new look
  • Cheap
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Loc Phat

Contact Info:

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7. Minh My – Shop Rattan Tables And Chairs In Ho Chi Minh City

The seventh address that we would like to introduce to you on this list is Minh My. Bamboo and rattan furniture service of Minh My Always rated as the most professional and reputable. Products of this unit are the result of in-depth investment crystallized from 4 elements: material, style, color and artistic value. Besides, the price here is also very attractive, very competitive in the market. With a team of young staff will advise you to choose the best products for your home!

Services at Minh My:

  • Products of rattan furniture
  • Water hyacinth products
  • Plastic product
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Minh My

Contact Info:

8. Dat Thanh – Specializing in Bamboo and Rattan Tables and Chairs in Ho Chi Minh City

Dat Thanh is one of the leading units of rattan furniture in HCM. Besides, this unit is also the largest design and construction unit of bamboo projects in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. With many years of operation in the profession, it has helped the establishment to have a foundation that cannot be found anywhere else. Easily understand your needs. Even the most demanding customers. Dat Thanh We always want to bring you satisfaction in terms of price and quality of work.

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Reasons to choose Dat Thanh:

  • Good in quality, preferential in price
  • Product: “Creative Quality Environmental friendliness“.
  • Constantly updating new models
  • Lots of great promotions
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Dat Thanh

Contact Info:

9. Bamboo and Rattan Village – Specializing in Bamboo and Rattan Tables and Chairs HCMC

If you are having trouble finding a rattan furniture unit in HCM. Then why not try contacting Bamboo Village. This is a place that is always chosen and recommended by customers inside and outside your locality. This is a pioneer in the production of bamboo and rattan products and has affirmed its brand, becoming “Your best choice”. Come here and choose the product you like best!

What’s in Bamboo Village?

  • Bamboo tables and chairs, bamboo sofas, rattan tables and chairs
  • Bamboo bed, bamboo cabinet, bamboo shelf
  • Bamboo house, bamboo bar
  • Bamboo blinds, love you, bamboo pressed bamboo
  • Waterwheel, bamboo mat, bamboo pole
  • Bamboo and rattan lights, bamboo swings
Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs
Bamboo and Rattan Village

Contact Info:

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10. Kim Phuong – Cheap Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Store in HCMC

Appreciated for its quality, Kim Phuong is a unit specializing in bamboo and rattan furniture in Ho Chi Minh City, which is trusted by many people. With a team of professional management, high technology and skilled workers, farmers with many years of dedication. Kim Phuong Bringing you quality products, rich and diverse in design. Come to Kim Phuong Company you are completely satisfied and satisfied with the price – product quality and service style. So, come here now and choose for yourself the best product!

Kim Phuong Company
Kim Phuong Company

Contact Info:

11. Y Nhi – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Company In Ho Chi Minh City Cheap

The unborn is one of those places that you should not miss. The unborn specializes in manufacturing and supplying interior and exterior products made of iron, plastic rattan, natural rattan. Quality here is always guaranteed, reputable service, enthusiastic service staff. Contact the company immediately to receive many attractive offers!

Services in Italy:

  • Plastic rattan furniture living room, garden furniture for families, restaurants, hotels, resorts, resorts ….
  • Iron tables and chairs, cafe furniture
  • Outdoor plastic rattan furniture: tables and chairs, sofa, swing plastic rattan…
  • Plastic accessories fake rattan: trays, baskets, boxes, shelves touching newspapers, in restaurants, hotels, families, restaurants…
The unborn
The unborn

Contact Info:

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12. Hoai Phuong – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Company in Ho Chi Minh City

Hoai Phuong specializes in manufacturing and supplying plastic rattan furniture and accessories for export, becoming a commercial supplier for many domestic and foreign partners. Hoai Phuong always provide everything to beautify and adorn your living space. Based on the actual situation of your home, we give you the products with the most suitable price. What are you waiting for without coming to Hoai Phuong right away to choose your favorite rattan table and chair set for your home!

Hoai Phuong
Hoai Phuong

Contact Info:

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13. TRE Furniture – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Store In Ho Chi Minh City Cheap

With 20 years of development, Bamboo Furniture is a prestigious unit specializing in manufacturing products of tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, paintings, beds… from natural bamboo materials. Committed to bringing you the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Bamboo Furniture always perfect to provide the most perfect service to you. With increasingly advanced technology, employees and workers of Bamboo Furniture Constantly learning and cultivating knowledge to master the technology affirms your credibility. Come here and choose the best product for your home!

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Bamboo Furniture
Bamboo Furniture

Contact Info:

14. Thien Truong – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Store HCMC

Thien Truong is one of the rattan furniture stores in Ho Chi Minh City that you should choose. Thien Truong will bring the most exquisite products to you. Besides, this unit also has good designers who directly advise you to do big projects. Along with reasonable price, suitable for all use needs in the service of everyone. Note immediately the information of the unit!

Reasons to choose Thien Truong

  • Price is cheaper than market
  • Highly aesthetic, very suitable for classical oriental style.
  • The consulting staff is very enthusiastic about each model
Thien Truong
Thien Truong

Contact Info:

15. Cloud Store – Bamboo and Rattan Furniture Store in Ho Chi Minh City

The last unit that the unit wants to mention is not very strange is Cloud Store. With the working process is always innovated to be able to match the needs of customers. With the lowest price offered in the market. Call now to receive many attractive offers of Cloud Store Please!

Process at Cloud Store:

  • You call, staff will come to the house to survey, advise and quote.
  • The two sides agreed to carry out the work.
  • Perform warranty work as committed
Cloud Store
Cloud Store

Contact Info:

Above are the top 15 stores for Ho Chi Minh City bamboo and rattan tables and chairs but please send to you. Hope you can find a good place to buy plastic rattan tables and chairs!

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